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Academic collections of the Custody of the Holy Land

Studium Biblicum Franciscanum, Faculty of Biblical Studies and Archaeology (Jerusalem):
- the Collectio Maior collection includes titles on final reports of excavations, historical-archaeological monographs and miscellanea of Biblical, patristic and archaeological studies. The volumes in the Collectio Maior are distributed by Brepols International;
- the Collectio Minor includes titles on studies of archaeological excavations, on buildings and on texts of primitive Middle Eastern Christianity;
- the  Analecta series includes titles on exegetic and patristic studies, and books for teaching Biblical languages;
- the Museum series includes monographs and studies on the collections and finds of special interest in the Museum of the SBF;
- the journal Liber Annuus (about 500 pp.) collects the annual contributions by the lecturers of the  Studium. There are also articles on Biblical, linguistic and archaeological studies, as well as the preliminary report on the excavations carried out by SBF lecturers and their colleagues from other academic institutions.
Franciscan Centre for Christian Oriental Studies (Cairo):
The Franciscan Centre for Christian Oriental Studies (SOC) was founded in Cairo in 19564 by the Custody of the Holy Land. The Centre deals with studies, research and documentation on the Oriental Churches and the presence of the Franciscans in the Holy Land which goes back several centuries.
Today the Centre produces journals and collections:
- the journal Studia Orientalia Christiana - Collectanea contains studies and research on the Christian communities of the Middle East and on the Franciscan presence in this region;
- the series Studia Orientalia Christiana - Monographiae includes monographs with a wider scope on the same subjects dealt with by SOC Collectanea;
- the collection Bio-bibliographical Library of the Holy Land and of the Franciscan Orient, founded by Father Girolamo Golubovich, a monumental collection of sources for knowledge on the Christian Middle East.


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