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Collections of the Edizioni Terra Santa

The collection aims to make the subjects linked to the structured presence of Christians in the Middle East, Catholics, Orthodox and protestants, known and studied in depth. Although a minority in numerical terms, the churches of the Holy Land continue the first community of the Apostles and preserve an extraordinary wealth of traditions.  
Meetings in Sichar (Incontri a Sichar)
The city of Sichar is mentioned only once in the Bible and in the Gospel according to St. John (4,5). It is where Jesus meets the Samaritan woman. This meeting was destined to overcome the barriers of suspicion and prejudice, whatever their origin.

Terrasanta Books (Libri di Terrasanta)
In close collaboration with the magazine Terrasanta, this collection deals in particular with topics linked to the current affairs of the Middle East.
Holy Places (Luoghi Santi)
The books in this collection are dedicated to the main centres in Palestine, the cities with the greatest links to the life and work of Jesus. Useful for pilgrims preparing their journey (thanks to the useful historical and archaeological parts), they are also valid guides for a deeper reflection on the Holy Texts.

Marana tha
The collection intends to foster the spiritual reading of the Bible, both in the form of a fictionalized story and through the method of the Lectio divina.

Tessera (Tasselli)
Like the tessera in a mosaic, the slim books in this collection offer a small contribution to wider ranging topics. The authority of the authors make them useful for personal study and for training courses.


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