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Franciscan Printing Press

ETS continues the legacy of the Franciscan Printing Press (FPP) in Jerusalem and co-publisher of the institutional collections under the patronage of the Custody of the Holy Land.

The Franciscan Printing Press (FPP) started publishing in Jerusalem in 1847 as the “Stamperia Francescana”, then taking the name of  Franciscan Printing Press. The work fo the FPP has enabled the invaluable work by the researchers of the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum of Jerusalem, today the Faculty of Biblical Studies and Archaeology of the Antonianum University of Rome, to be circulated in several languages. Today, the Franciscan Printing Press continues its service to the Custody as the printing works and for the local publications.
ETS distributes the volumes published by the FPP in Jerusalem until 2005 in Italy.

Download the complete catalogue in the special section above or  SEARCH ONLINE in the materials we already have available.


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