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Edizioni Terra Santa (ETS) operates as part of the Fondazione Terra Santa and is the publishing centre of the Custody of the Holy Land in Italy. It offers information and news on the history and current affairs of the Middle East, the cradle of great ancient civilizations and of the three monotheistic religions:  Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Founded in 2005, ETS continues the tradition of the Centro propaganda e stampa which, from as early as the 1910s in Milan, gave a voice to the Franciscan experience in the Holy Places. At the same time, ETS continues the legacy of the Franciscan Printing Press (FPP), in Jerusalem since 1847.

The ETS catalogue includes scholarly works, in particular Biblical-exegetical research and the archaeological activity linked to the world of the Bible and Oriental Christianity. The catalogue also includes collections for the general public on Middle Eastern current affairs and in-depth studies on a broad range of religious and cultural topics: the Christian presence in the Holy Land, interreligious dialogue, the peace process. ETS also offers guides and multimedia products to get to know the Holy Land today and accompany visits to the Holy Places.

In addition, ETS publishes an online magazine (Terrasanta.net, in English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese) and two periodicals in Italian (Eco di Terrasanta and Terrasanta). It also promotes cultural initiatives linked to the Holy Land and the Middle East such as conferences, book presentations, and courses.

The Holy Land Review (52 color pages), the magazine of the Custody for the English speakers, is a magazine published four times a year (spring, summer, fall, winter). Through articles by experts, it aims to provide in-depth knowledge of the complex situation of the Holy Land, covering religious, cultural, biblical, archaeological and ecumenical issues. It is published by the Commissariat of the Holy Land, Washington. The Washington Commissariat represents the Custody of the Holy Land in the USA and informs and raises awareness in the American Church to support the communities and Holy Sites in the Holy Land and raise funds for the Good Friday Collection.

Terrasanta.net and The Holy Land Review are not official publications of the Custody of the Holy Land. Therefore they do not necessarily express the viewpoint of the Custody on the various subjects covered.

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