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Selected Works from the collections of the Terra Sancta Museum

The masterpieces in the collections of the Franciscans of the Holy Land: paintings, sculptures, goldsmithing, fabrics, mosaics and manuscripts collected in over eight centuries of presence in the Middle East.

The Terra Sancta Museum is almost a living organism. Its
life is in symbiosis with the last two centuries of history of the Custody of the Holy Land and at the same time represents a challenge for the future and the world. It is a museum with many souls and many locations, but with a common mission that starts from the heart of the Holy Land: Jerusalem. Its patrimony of inestimable value is not limited to illustrating the history of the Franciscan presence, but the universality of the Holy City which, from every time, attracts Christians from all over the world. A treasure consisting of excellent works of art arising from the munificence of Catholic donors, and of which some pieces today represent the only remains of collections that
were thought to have disappeared forever.


Language: English
Number of pages: 176
Format: Illustrated book
Year of publication: 2019
ISBN: 978-88-6240-719-9

Publisher: Edizioni Terra Santa

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